Everything has a cycle, everything has a season.

One of the shortest, most recognizable cycles is the phases of the moon – from new to full back to new again, along with all the energy it carries and a vast history of its impact on Earth and her inhabitants.

There’s a lesson in there somewhere…

Life is cyclic. It’s ups. It’s downs. The way it can pull us to and fro.

Tarot can be used in every moment within your life phase.

If it’s good – look at how to maintain the harmony and peace and how to help it blossom and flourish and become fuller.

If it’s less than good, well, then how to get back to good again. How to inhale and exhale through the natural contraction in life.

Basically, any sort of guidance, clarity, or life empowerment in any aspect, any question, during every phase of your personal moon cycle Tarot can be a great tool.

If you’re hear, no matter the phase you are in, I’m guessing you’re seeking something. It is my Soul’s purpose and greatest desire to create space under the ancient wisdom of the moon and help other find the answers they seek, even the ones they may not know they seek.

So, let me help. Let me be a conduit of messages for your questions. And let the journey under the Moon begin.