The moon is a beautiful, mysterious part of life and nature.

It creates offers both light and shadows in the night. Exposing what we can’t see but is always present in both sunlight and moonlight, but with a different

In ancient times its cycle was used to count days and as a guide for planting and harvesting.

In modern times we recognized it’s pull on the Waters of earth and its impact those of us who make Earth our Home.

In tarot the Moon card represents the subconscious – what we know but don’t realize we know.

When we embrace the moon and her cycles we embrace ourselves, our whole selves, connecting to that subconscious version that we know exist but may not be able to see due to shadows or because we’re starting a new cycle and the reflection of our daily sun isn’t as full.

By embracing the moon we heal, learn, grow.

Let me help you embrace the moonbeams and shadows of your subconscious.