#iamchallenge, I am Powerdeck

I am Forgiving

I am Powerdeck by Brittany Burkant

Forgiveness is certainly one of the harder, emotionally driven sentiments One could ever be called to offer; and, it’s not just in regards to others who have had the hand in mistreatment or wrong dping but even harder still in finding the resolve to forgive Self from any ill-will One may perceive Self has ever presented. 

I suppose most see forgiveness impossible without allowance to forget; and therein lies the rub:  Forgetting what has been done is a hard commitment to request when pain is involved and healing is desired more than forgiving. 

Such a connection is not truly necessary and healing may actually be better possible if it is discarded.
One can forgive and begin to heal without needing to forget for Self preservation. Giving allowance for the memory but cut away from bitterness is where One can find both the ability to heal and the ability to forgive whilet continuing to protect Self from further harm, making way for Self to claim:

I am Forgiving.

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