Discovering the Tarot of Transformation

​I’m looking for a deck that speaks softly to my soul, forces me to sit quietly and listen , really listen, to the profound teachings the Universe has to offer in all her wisdom from years of slowly moving through space and time, watching earth spin on her axis, circling father sun while sister moon dances around her, flirting with the sun and playing in her full power in the shadows of mother earth.

As I ground myself, connect to mother earth, attempting to arouse the kundalini deep within my core, tantalizing her to rise and reach into the expansion to I can connect to it all: Mother Earth. Father Sun. Sister Moon. The Universe. 

I purchased my Tarot of Transformation by Willow Arlenea on Amazon, but it is also available here.

I am Powerdeck available here and on etsy.

See me discover this deck and listen to me ooh and aah in this video.

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