Interview with the Arthurian Tarot

When a deck comes across my path and sparks my interest I generally have a sense of its energy and possible connection by the time I finally commit to hitting the buy button.

However, despite looking at the Arthurian Tarot and seeing a possible connection and after seeing lovely, continual reviews by Tarot Alchemist, I couldn’t shake the possibility even through it was a seemingly thin one.
Besides, I had a gift card so it wasn’t like I was spending my hard earned money on potential.
So, after sitting in the online cart for several days, the cursor blinking over it with indecision as I looked it over once more, again and again, I finally committed.

It’s arrival was a bit lack luster, the poor box a bit beaten and battered and I opened it with hope but no real expectations, because unfortunately for it, I had just received the Tarot of Transformation and was still reeling from it’s powerful, connected energy.
I flipped through each card, taking in the images and liking what I saw but not really feeling any more than I had when previewing it online.

I set it aside for a few days, not quite understanding why the disconnect because there was a soft yearning somewhere inside me for a connection to occur. Several days later, I flipped through the images once more, waiting for something, anything…suddenly, after countless new deck arrivals over the course of a year, I felt compelled to do my first ever deck interview spread!


Arthurian Tarot


  1. Who are you?
     ~ Grail Eight

    The patient voice, waiting for silence to fall so the one on a quest will finally stop and listen. There is no need for sadness, just quiet realization in that moment. Gentle peace. Gentle knowing. Serene Surreal. There is power when letting go of pre-judgement and pre-existing notions – walk away and leave them behind as they no longer serve. It’s time to start this relationship anew.

  2. What are your strengths?
    ~ VI the White Hart

    Quiet persistence and patience while working to obtain and waiting for the connection that has been resisted so coyly.

    This deck is a patient man!

  3. What do you have to offer (that I can’t get from one of my other decks…essentially, why should I bother if I’m not feeling it)?
    ~ Spear of Knight

    The potential to light the necessary fires for furthering growth and expansion and taking the mind to an open and broader plain for the mind to exercise and run at full gallop as it pins down new and transforming ideas and concepts.

  4. What’s the potential for choosing you over an another deck?
    ~ Grail of Queen

    Water in water…
    A higher level of compassion and increased potential for awakening and intuitive realization just waiting, being offered.

  5. Overall potential
    ~ Grail of Knight

…so, that’s why there was a quiet desire to have this deck.

I’m looking forward to further readings with this deck. Although I tend to equate many of my decks with descriptive vibes, energy, and working voices, I’ve never labeled any of them with a gender; but, this deck definitely feels like it has a very patient and tender male voice to me and I’m looking forward to future readings with it.

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