Moon Energy

Slowly, but steadily she rises in the night
Sometime full of her divine energy and power, not always seen but surely always felt.

Young, pure, untouched yet fertile,
readily available for the seeds of new growth to be implanted.
a maiden readily available and open to be impregnated with hopes, dreams, desires;
filled with raw, youthful divine energy capable of the power it takes to nurture, feed, house, and grow what gets planted deep inside.

Then soon
she becomes clearly visible,
emanating her power while also ripe
with light from the masculine divine,
glowing with the power
of housing both feminine and masculine energy, in perfect balance –
the only divine being capable of such a majestic balance.
She is in her prime now,
slowly waning, but still holding a perfect balance of both energies.

Eventually she will grow darker,
but no less powerful,
moving into crone and the ancient wisdom
that comes with holding and shining with such balanced power.
Ancient wisdom offered to any and all
who choose to sit beneath her,
embrace her,
and listen to her whispers of ancient wisdom.

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