Beautiful Words

Divine Light Inspires Creation

Divine light exists in everything, it’s everywhere. It surrounds, exists within and without of all forms of matter.

Divine Inspiration is possible in every moment of our lives when we truly wake, open our eyes and see.

With true seeing comes knowing.

And Knowing inspired the light within to shine brighter, to inspire Self to release the blockages and fill with desire to be fuller and more enveloped and exude the source of the light in greater abundance.

Once awakened, filled with awareness of the internal eternal light we become one with the light – both a part of as well as an observer of it.

We not only see how particles of light move, connect, interact, react, communicate, but we also now have the capacity to connect, communicate with, and even change each particle’s of light direction.

As we are one with the light we are in control of the light, and all it’s actions, communications, directions is shines.

With this connection we are one with and therefore have access to the paradoxical world of multiple parallels that exist within and the void between the metaphysical and the physical.

In theory, you would then have access to creating a parallel world in which to move to ensure you manifest your deepest desires, hopes, dreams, and Soul’s fulfillment and enrichment.

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