gratitude, Sasuraibito Tarot

Day 3 of Gratijune

Day 3 of #gratijune encouraged by the lovely @whispers_from_beyond over on Instagram

3 of Cups from the Sasuraibito Tarot

In it’s most common, generic, and simplest definition this card can often be wrapped up in on word:  Support.

I had to sit on this one.

All day, apparently. With various moments that struck a cord regarding support, those who support me, those who haven’t, those I have or need to be better at being for them, and even the support I provide for my Self – or rather, maybe don’t provide enough of.


The support I have? The support I am capable of giving? The support I do give? The support I didn’t get because it’s what helped sculpt me into the independent person I am? The ability to seek support or be my own support so the 3 doesn’t tip into the of Cups?

How about all of the above?

Because, honestly, it all counts. It has has played a part in who I am, my core beliefs, my independence, my passion to honor, love, and help the underdog, the unloved, the ones lacking compassion.

All these forms of support (or lack thereof) are important and I need to be grateful for each and every experience – the less then positive as much as the positive. 

Then maybe, just maybe, I can show my Self a little more gratitude for being Me.

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