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Tarot Tag: #tarotfive

I was tagged by @temperance_tarot over on Istagram (you following me over there yet? I’ll wait while you do that now…) to list 5 things I love about tarot and 5 things I don’t…so, here goes:


1. I love the spiritual journey tarot found within the cards, that ability to connect on a higher level and decipher my Souls purpose or just find ways to be at peace when all is not peaceful. I like to say tarot is my bible.

2. I love the therapy of tarot. There’s been some dark times and sitting down with a reading has helped me find the light, work through some issues and learn how to embrace myself better.

3. I love how tarot has helped me reunite with  embrace, and hone my divination / psychic skills. It’s a part of me I shut down and blocked for years and it’s nice to not only recognize but now understand when I’m suddenly filled with knowing something.

4. I love how tarot allows my to help others. I truly believe I am serving my Souls higher purpose when helping another in their healing process; I cannot put into  words how this lifts my soil! It never gets old, I never tire of it, and I can not get enough.

5. I thoroughly love and enjoy all the fabulous souls I’ve gotten to know – I cannot imagine life without many of you! 



1. Borders. Seriously, what’s the fascination here? I understand borders in framed art pieces and I can appreciate many if these decks are made up of 78 pieces of art; but, they’re supposed to be functional art!

2. Shit boxes. I need to carry my 78 pieces of functional art with me…becsuse they’re functional and I use them. I need ahood, study box the cards for into – space for the boom not necessary bit a move bonus.

3. The constant dialogue regarding gender equality in s deck…or not. Seriously, but the damn deck, don’t buy the deck…fuckin make one of your own that fits your ideology. I really don’t care, don’t want to hear about it, and will not participate in it….i regret even mentioning it regarding the Good tarot because that deck is a good deck in its own right…and that’s good enough. And if it’s not, then don’t buy it.

4. All the Indie decks. Only because I can’t buy them all. (Winning numbers, anyone? No? Damn!)

5. Large decks. I have small hands and an even smaller thumb. No, really, my thumbs up sign is freakishly sad because of how small my thumb is. The shuffle struggle is real.

As a bonus for all you readers here, I want to add my dislike for cardboard box card stock. The only way that’s making the deck more durable with a promise that it will last longer is because I’m not using it as much. And that’s just sad.

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