At Your Fingertips

You may not know this, truly understand this, yet, but the world is at your fingertips.

It always had been and always will be.

Unfortunately, we limit ourselves through the experiences as humans which require defined starting points, labels, climaxes, down turns, and pressures to meet a deadline for any one of those.

But the reality is, the true reality that exists bound to our Souls, is there are no such labels, no such pressures. 

Our souls our timeless, which means they are limitless.

Everything that you have now was always part of your plan because you made the choices that brought you here.

And everything you want tomorrow don’t just begin now because you seen enlightenment right in this moment and make a choice but is, in actuality, a result of all the choices you made in all the yesterdays that brought you to today, to this moment, to this enlightnement.

So – the world is at your fingertips.

It always is.

It always has been.

What are you going to make of your world today?

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