Birthday / Year-Ahead Reading ~ $35

Your day of Birth is your own personal beginning of a new year, so why not look at the energy for each month to follow the as the start of your personal new year?!
This reading looks at the potential energy for the year as a whole as well as possible vibrations for each month over the following 12 months.

This reading can also be used as a tradition New Year reading.

Choose between receiving this as a pdf that includes a photograph of the spread or a private video that you can view at your leisure and return to at any time and as often as you need.

Just fill out the information below, giving as much detail as you want regarding the reading and I’ll send you a paypal invoice payment (no paypal account necessary, just a credit/debit card of your choice); and let the empowerment begin.
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Decks pictured:
The Wild Unknown, Kim Krans
Animal Spirit, Kim Krans
Wisdom Keepers Oracle, Rosy Aronson
Sacred Creators Oracle, Chris-Anna