Dream Interpretation ~ $35

We all dream occasionally,  some more than others, and often it’s forgotten before we even climb out of bed.

And sometimes we can’t forget, with visual and other sensations from the dream world spontaneously popping in our heads as we try to go about our day,  demanding attention.

There are those who believe dreams are issues our subconscious is trying to work through; but the messages aren’t always clear.

This reading is designed to find the seemingly hidden messages, define them, and give the conscious a chance to work through it so peaceful sleep can return.

Choose between receiving this as a pdf that includes a photograph of the spread or a private video that you can view at your leisure and return to at any time and as often as you need.
Just fill out the information below, giving as much detail as you want regarding the reading and I’ll send you a paypal invoice payment (no paypal account necessary, just a credit/debit card of your choice); and let the empowerment begin.
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