Moon Energy Reading ~ $15

The power and divine energy of the moon has been looked upon and respected through the ages for change, growth, and ancient wisdom.
The void of the New Moon is dark and empty, yet full and powerful; it holds nothing as well as all the power for everything. The New Moon is a great time to look at what new seeds you can plant for expansion in your life in any and every avenue of your life.
The Full Moon contains the energy of both night and day – it is full the Moon in all her glory while also reflecting the light of the Sun.
It’s a great time to see both what is visible and working in the light of day as well as what may be hidden in the shadow of night, providing clarity on what you can focus energy to bring to full fruition as well as what is not working and needs to be released to create harmony as you live out the rest of the moon phase so as to create space for the void during the oncoming New Moon.

And Crone Moon, that last bit of moon with a sliver of light into the New Moon, is all about ancient, feminine wisdom and power.
This is a great time to really focus on releasing, to gain ancient wisdom and understanding in your life from a higher perspective.

Understanding and working with the cyles in the Moon phase can really help you gain understating of your life, the possibilities of your life, and empowering you to embrace your human limitations then properly set intentions and manifest your fullest potential.

Choose between receiving this as a pdf that includes a photograph of the spread or a private video that you can view at your leisure and return to at any time and as often as you need.

Just fill out the information below, giving as much detail as you want regarding the reading and I’ll send you a paypal invoice payment (no paypal account necessary, just a credit/debit card of your choice); and let the empowerment begin.

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